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SpiridiumCircle's© Four Hour Online Seminar: Abundance Power Session with Raven Nigthclaw and Special Guests

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In this four hour seminar, you will be able to get the fundamentals of create and manifesting what you seek in life. This seminar is for those who are seeking balance, fulfillment, clarity, understanding and education in the power of Manifestation and harnessing the power from within in order to promote and make changes in your life for the duration of your life cycle. All walks of life are welcome, and you may download our audio file if you are not able to attend. Links will be available to those purchase a ticket from us to attend the seminar. Please call 585-542-8437 to give your name, registration ID of ManifestforMe and get your seat held for this most wonderful journey of self awakening. See you there, and blessings to you with love and light.

Here is the correspondence link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1620902094845435/

***Please Note: We are also going to be doing some other events and online seminars during the year, so like and bookmark the page on Facebook get updates with what we are doing. Thanks so much for your support and patronage. Blessings of abundance, happiness, purity and light!

~Reverend Raven Nightclaw, HP~