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Tell Me If It's Really True Love

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Jonesboro, Alabama| http://tobtr.com/7496137

The Priestess is answering the question, Should I stay in this relationship? Join us on Witching Hour, ask any and all questions pertaining to love, sex, relationships and commitment. This show is for any and all wanting answers about the love in your life, and not just any answer but truthful answers. If you are ready to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, call in, ask your most desired and most feared questions and allow Spirit to tell you what is best for you, your happiness and your sanity. Does he love me or does he lust me? Am I really what she wants, or does she only like what I do for her? Many ask, when will marriage come, but are you moving in the right circles? Are you surrounded by the right people?  Are you developed enough spiritually and mentally? Are you skilled in art of sexual pleasure offering healing, deep intimacy and oneness with your mate? What do you need to learn?  Are you truly marriage material?  If your husband or wife came today could you make them happy? Could you keep them happy?  How can you spice up your marriage?  Come, let the Holy Spirit by way of the Talking Board answer your most intimate questions, giving you direction and formulas that will bring love to you and will tell you what's holding true deep emotional love from you?  If you want the truth about your love live, don't miss the show!