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Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course Mumbai India

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26.9. – 10.10.2014
mumbai| Andheri kurla road, Andheri East.

Course Details:-

This course is a Professional Tarot Cards Reading course (by this course you can be a professional tarot reader as well as you Can even Teach Tarot cards reading also),

Material Provided:- (Included in fees)

1) Printed Notes.

2) Tarot Cards Deck.

Course Duration:-

5days course-3 to 4 hrs each day. 

[We work 7 Days a week, we have batches on "week days" as well as "week end"...for further details contact us]

Branch:- (We are based in India Only)

Mumbai:- Andheri kurla road, Andheri East.India

Pune:- Kalyani Nagar, next to Gold Adlabs in Pune.India

Also at Housing board, Yerawada, next to Ishanya Mall in Pune.

The Course Contains:-

* This course is a Professional Tarot Cards Reading Course (by this course you can be a professional tarot reader as well as you can even teach “Tarot cards reading” also).

The Course Syllabus:-

History of Tarot Cards?

How Tarot reading works?

Meaning of the Major & Minor Arcana’s (upright & reverse meaning),

“Code Languages” Meaning of the Signs, Symbols, Picture, Colours what they have significance in Tarot reading,

How to interpret the cards according to the situations,

Different types of Personalized Spreads (Layouts),

How to interpret the Spreads according to the situations,

Tarot Treatment & Solution:- (How to give solution or treatment to the problems, 100% effective),

Cleansing & Charging Of Tarot Deck,

Tarot Numerology (know a persons character & Life span through numerology),

Tarot cards combination’s,

How to use your intuition & psychic powers,

How to Prepare Protection Kavach (to protect yourself & your family from all kinds of negativity),

After Taking our course you will be able to give professional readings to people,with this course you wont only be able to understand yourself but also others, you can give solution & treatments to the problems and many more things…

For further details regarding new batch & timing , & to register yourself kindly mail us  or call us....  We will get back to you in shortly….