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City: Johannesburg
Country: Other countries
Phone: 114472349
E-mail: craigspiritualmasterzavináčgmail.com
Web: www.craigspiritualmaster.co.za
Address: Bath ave, Johannesburg, 2196
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About my tarot reading

Do you want professional spiritual guidance? Consult with CRAIG at South Africas' premier spiritual resource shop - The House of Isis in Rosebank. I have over 29 years experience in reading Tarot and am well schooled in Western Magic, Kaballah, Alchemy. I am also a qualified Inyanga (African herbalist) and hold a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science. After 18 years in a corporate environment as a commodities trader, I decided to follow my calling and passion full time. I have a unique ability to blend my knowledge and experience of the business and magical worlds and access the information you need to help you get ahead gracefully and easily. Book a consultation today!