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Tarot TammyUSA

City: San Diego
Country: USA
Phone: 619-997-1753
E-mail: rideBroomstickszavináčhotmail.com
Web: www.ridebroomsticks.wix.com/broomsticks
Address: 7742 Golfcrest Drive, San Diego, 92119
Tarot reading: Selling books, Selling cards, Tarot reading by phone, Tarot reading in person

About my tarot reading

I've been reading Tarot Cards since age 12.  Available for personal reads and parties/events.  Got Tarot? Punch Card for repeat clients (buy 5 readings, get the 6th one free).  Also offer handmade soap/bath items, Clergy Services, occasional classes and New Age retail through my company Broomsticks

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