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Ariana Afsanay de LyUSA

City: Salem
Country: USA
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Phone: 978-210+2423
E-mail: csolarwolf1zavináčaol.com
Web: afsanaydely.com
Address: Salem, 1970
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About my tarot reading

Ariana has been a practising Traditional Astrologer professionally for just over 10 years.  Ariana began her astrology career reading from the modern system and over the years progressed into the Traditional Astrology system, Traditional Astrology is a system in which those Astrologers from the Elizabethan Era; Bruno, Gadbury, Lilly, Ficino, Dee and more read.  It is based upon the five planets and the two luminaries; Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars with focus on the Head and Tail of the Dragon, P. Fortune and the Fixed Stars in where they align with certain planets or in your Rising or Culminating houses.   When Ariana reads for you see takes special care to focus on those areas that may cause issue in your life, bringing to light those areas in which may be harder in their placement/s in your life.  She works with her clients to come up with a good plan in how to bring the positive nature of the planets that are with a greater benefit to her clients in an effort to dispel the neutral and guide them in how to work with the more challenging areas in their lives.  Ariana focuses on continuing her studies and knowledge through continued education to become a fully accredited Traditional Astrologer in the very near future.

Ariana also reads the Tarot and helps people find understanding to the energies around them in working one-on-one with her clients and she has expanded out her Professional Services to include Personal Power Mentoring to work individually with clients to teach them how to not only regain their own Personal Power but how to maintain it for a better life.

Ariana works one-on-one with all of her clients to guide them to find those answers they seek and find a method of healing and understanding in order to overcome challenges and find success in their lives.

When Ariana does a reading she looks at the houses and effects of the specific directions within the chart to better assess what types of healing or type of talisman is needed to bring about change for the Native’s life.  She also puts special focus on your Guardian Angels, Arch Angel’s, your Egyptian ruling god or goddess and the day you were born in the Egyptian Calendar and your Arabic Moon Mansion to better guide you to understand why you encounter certain events more than others.  There are many paths she focuses on to help you understand your path in life and bring you greater enlightenment and understand of Self to seek to understand of one’s base nature in order to evolve it to ones’ Mental Self.  She provides an in-depth reading for all of her clients personally.

If necessary Ariana will prescribe Astrological talismans (which are calculated according to their time of casting) according to the planetary calculation and Angel magic to assist in bringing healing, understanding and to manifest the greater aspects into your life.  Angels are powerful beings and have amazing powers of knowledge and healing.

If you have a specific area in which you would like to focus on please let me know.

I will be traveilling to Salem, MA in October and will be available for in person readings.  I am currently in the San Juan, PR area and will be relocating by the end of year to Portland, OR my home state and city.


Many Blessings in Light

Ariana Afsanay de Ly