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Tarot by KathleenCanada

City: Victoria
Country: Canada
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Phone: 778-433-9145
E-mail: tarotbykathleenzavináčgmail.com
Web: www.tarotbykathleen.com
Address: Beach Dr., Victoria, V8R 6H9
Tarot reading: Tarot reading via Skype, Tarot reading by phone, Tarot reading in person

About my tarot reading

A One-of-A-Kind Psychic Tarot Reader

Acclaimed Kathleen Meadows is a one-of-a-kind psychic Tarot Reader. She holds a Master's Degree in Religion & Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and has more than 35 years exp. reading and teaching the Tarot.

Kathleen has been extensively celebrated in the media. The Toronto Sun, the Toronto Star, Globe & Mail newspaper and the Kitchener Record have all published full feature articles about her work.  She been interviewed on CTV, and local TV shows along with many radio interviews.  You can watch some of her interviews on her youtube channel.

An Honest Professional Reader with Testimonials

With hundreds of tarot readers online, how can you determine who to trust?   How do you find an honest professional reader without meeting and speaking with her in person first?  Just read what many of Kathleen's 3000+ clients have to say about her on her testimonials page of her web sites.  None of Kathleen's testimonials were requested - all were freely given via emails sometimes months after the reading was done.  So amazed at her accuracy clients just feel compelled to share their astonishment with her.  Many actually requesting that she put their comments up on her site for others to see how good she is!!

Read Kathleen's spiritual biography where she tells of her lifelong journey to understand psychic spirituality and guidance - how she discovers her gift at 12 years old...

Arranging a Reading with Kathleen is Easy!

You can arrange for a psychic reading on the phone,text chat.

private reading can be arranged by appointment if you live near Victoria BC. Read the testimonials from my clients, read myqualifications, look at  my news and events page. e-mail me at tarotbykathleen@gmail.com to arrange an appointment.