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Tarot reading

Tarot Reading Wodonga

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City: Wodonga
Country: Australia
karen.seinor Facebook
Phone: 61 409777116
E-mail: karenzavináč
Address: PO Box 8200, Wodonga, 3690
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About my tarot reading

Tarot Readings

Love, Family, Business, Work, and Money. The Tarot offers an avenue to explore all areas of life. Online readings via skype are the norm though I can do phone readings and face to face sessions are possible for those within driving distance of Albury Wodonga. Appointment times are flexible so email me to organise something that will suit.

Tarot Healings

Tarot Healing is a unique system of energy work that incorporates Tarot Archetype, Aromatics, Sound, Colour and Timelines. These healings are offered by distance and work beautifully as on an esoteric level time and space are fluid and connections and shifts can be made elegantly and effortlessly.

Tarot Books

A range of ebooks that you can download in PDF format or will sync with whatever electronic gadgets you have. Current topics include, Foundations for the Journey, Tarot and Aromatherapy, Tarot Healing and Tarot and Yoga.

Professional Online Tarot Diploma Course

This professional Tarot Diploma can be started whenevery you are ready. You can work through the modules and lessons in the time you have available and gain enormous personal benefits as you develop spiritually. You will gain knowledge as well as information. The course covers;

  • The Major Arcana
  • The Minor Arcana
  • The Court Cards
  • Spreads, Layouts & Mapping
  • Business Set-up, Ethics and Advertising

Face to Face Tarot Workshops

A range of Tarot workshops are available. Offerings include;

  • Introduction to the Tarot
  • Tarot & The Inner You
  • Tarot Magic
  • Tarot Healing

For the current schedule go to


A brilliant concept that allows you to embody the wisdom and gifts of the Archetypes through movement and focussed intention. Yoga asana meets Tarot card.

Tarot Blog

Regular updates and meandering Tarot thoughts, poems, articles and the occassional spread. Sign up to stay up to date.

Tarot Meditations

These are on the horizon. Not yet completed but definately coming. Stay tuned as they roll out and become available.