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Suzanne WagnerUSA

City: Willlits
Country: USA
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Phone: 707 354-1019
E-mail: suzannezavináčsuzwagner.com
Web: www.suzwagner.com
Address: PO Box 1869, Willlits, 95490
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About my tarot reading

Suzanne has been psychic from the time she can remember.  She was seeing dead people, angels, and guides from the age of 5 years old. She has had the amazing opportunity to work with many incredible teachers, gurus, yogi's, shaman, and healers. This has been her life's work and she had been devoted to meditation, spiritual growth, intuitive arts, and inner conscious awareness. Suzanne is incredibly compassionate and works with angels, guides, and the higher self to allow the energies between the client and reader to expand and open for the greatest clarity and understanding.

She is a published author of two books, "Integral Tarot" and "Integral Numerology" and two CD sets that go with her Tarot book.  She has her books on Amazon.com and is in the process of making her books available on Kindle and as ebooks. She is also publishing her fantasy, "The Prophesy of the Morian" and her book, "Becoming Authentic". She regularly writes articles for monthly updates and predictions for the future.

She is a gifted psychic who has helped thousands of clients worldwide over her lifetime. Her specializes in seeing the patterns that clients hold from this and other lifetimes that inhibit the organic flow of the soul.  She counsels clients in understanding their gifts, talents, soul, karma, and destiny.  

She is a talented licensed Massage Therapist (since 1988), Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Master (since 1989), and she has been trained in the South American Shamanic Traditions of Peru (since 1993).  She has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 1988.  She was also on the Massage Board for the State of Utah.  

Suzanne is an amazingly gifted healer, teacher, and psychic. She uses all of her skills when she is reading a client. In a private session with Suzanne she usually starts with the astrology, then goes to the numerology, and the cards. She is not attached to her flow or format so if you want something specific you are more than welcome to have her tailor a reading to your exact specifications. She is also a gifted medium but she either gets it instantly or she will not get it at all. Please let her know if that is what you are requesting so she can prepare differently for your session.

She prides herself on honesty and accuracy with her clients.  She has given hundreds of free hours within her communities in the form of teaching, sponsoring psychic fairs (with the psychics she has trained), lectures, classes.  Her mission is to support the understanding and awareness of psychics and intuitive awareness in the world. 

Her greatest joy is to empower others to listen and trust their intuition and to give the insights that will open a client to the hidden potential within.

She teaches classes on Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Channeling, and Relationships.  
She was voted Best Psychic/Medium two years in a row in Salt Lake City Utah.  Since then she has moved to California in 2011 and is presently working in the northern California area.

She is available for phone consultations, as well as, in person sessions when she is traveling to other locations.  With each session you receive an mp3 file that you can automatically download to your computer.

Suzanne's readings are positive, informative, insightful, uplifting, and specific.  Suzanne is an energetic and vibrant person.  People tell her all the time that they could just talk with her for hours.  It is as if she is an encyclopedia of the Intuitive Arts.  She has experienced so many things that clients feel completely safe and comfortable with her.

Suzanne does not do readings past 7 pm Pacific Time.  Thank You.


Additional Information:

Visit my website and sign up for my free newsletter. You may also find my monthly Catalyst Articles where I give the energetic patterns for each month. You will also find my Predictions for 2012 and Beyond. Suzanne also has free information for you to discover your own Numerology right on her site.

You can book online with me using my online scheduler. With all confirmed appointments you will receive a free pdf copy of Suzanne's amazing book on Numerology with a one hour paid psychic reading. Just remind her at the beginning of the session and she will email it to you with your mp3 recording of your appointment.