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Past Life Regression. Excerpt from the book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" by Guzalia S. Davis

Excerpt from my book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" (Copyrighted material) (Available on Amazon and Kindle) " One theory about reincarnation holds that there is no such thing as a chance meeting. Every significant relationship has a deeper purpose for your soul’s continuing education. The theory of soul-mates reveals that our souls travel through time in groups. A soul-mate is... read more

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What Do Nightmares Mean?

Everyone has had a nightmare. This blog post discusses nightmares - what they maybe signaling to you and how you can copy effectively with them. read more

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Chakra Refresher in Celebration of Spring

Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become more common topics of discussion in recent years. What once was considered esoteric or fringe spirituality has become mainstream. People are developing a new awareness of their own body energy – some from a desire for inner growth, others from a scientific (quantum physics) perspective and still others from a renewed sense of the... read more

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The Amazing Math of the Celtic Cross!

  So you're getting a Tarot reading and you look over the cards and mumble to yourself "I've had this spread before!" Well, not likely. Actually there's a huge possibility that no one in the world has ever had exactly that spread. Why is that? it turns out there are a lot of different Tarot Card Celtic Cross spreads. Let's see if we can figure out how many there are (don't worry, this will be... read more

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Psychology, Tarot & Spirituality

Un-grounded Intuition Leads to Paranoia Every aspect of our human journey and experience is comprised of light and dark components. For example, The Empress and Devil Cards teach us that sensuality without love becomes usury. Cups reveal that ungrounded intuition can lead to paranoia and vain imaginings. Learning to read reversals teaches us that there is a dark side to every light and a light... read more

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Denouncing the Tarot

The Credible Tarot There are people who believe that the Tarot is a frivolous pastime at best, an evil pursuit or fraudulent practice at worst. Unless you live in an exceptional and somewhat isolated community, we Tarotists are occasionally confronted by people that steadfastly (and loudly!) hold to these beliefs. It’s important for our own sanity and ongoing effectiveness as a reader to... read more

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Talking about Soul

Edgar Cayce There have been hundreds of documented cases of people in a hypnosis-induced trance, re-membering the person they had been in a past earthly life.  There was one such famous case described in an Edgar Cayce biography... read more

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Interesting combinations of cards that tell the same story

The Mind Reader Tarot Card Reading Prepared by: Age of Tarot & Metaphysical Services Subconscious Thoughts - Ace of Wands ReversedIn her dreaming brain she thinks that you are finding it difficult to clearly define what it is that you want. This lack of direction may be sapping your energy levels and leaving you feeling incredibly unmotivated and uninspired. As a result, you are often... read more

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The Wanderers Have ET Souls

Who are the Wanderers? I came across a thought-provoking book the other day titled, From Elsewhere:  Being ET in America by Scott Manelker, Ph.D. Undeniably there are a myriad of new age materials in the market that stretch our reasoning mind beyond capacity but this book is worth consideration. I've often considered it likely that the alteration in our DNA was because of a connection to... read more

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Our Spiritual Mother

The High Priestess In the Tarot, our spiritual mother is represented by the High Priestess. She admonishes us to become not so enamoured with the material world that we forget our spiritual priorities and reason for being here on the earth plane.  To learn, teach and advance the human condition.  She guides us to be spiritually pure... read more