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1.11.2016 | views: 667x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

A Soulful Life

We don't speak much about "soul" in our culture but we know what it is when we FEEL it.  We ignore it's promptings at our peril - to read more about how to live with soul click on the link. read more

22.9.2016 | views: 566x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Our Forgotten Grandmother of Wisdom

This article is about Cora Richmond - a gifted Trance Medium who led the way for Spiritualism in the 20th Century.  To read this full article press the link! read more

28.7.2016 | views: 547x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysteries | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Map of the Spirit World

Spiritualism which gained tremendous momentum in the 19th century gave us the only map of the spirit world. I've learned a few things over the years about how it's constructed and organized... read more

5.4.2016 | views: 673x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysteries | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Spring & Spirit is in the Air!

There is too much metaphysical nonsense on the internet that passes for spiritual wisdom. New age book shelves are filled with how-to books on being a spiritual healer, medium, or a psychic and the result is that most people are just completely discombobulated on the whole subject.  I think a good starting place to ponder the psychic/spiritual quandry is to answer the question for yourself,... read more

2.2.2016 | views: 647x | type: Inspiration | topic: Divination | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Forging a Bond with our Inner Wild Woman

One of the best, comprehensive books I’ve read on the psychology of women is Clarissa Pinkola Estes book, Women Who Run with the Wolves. It’s the only book I’ve ever read twice cover-to-cover and still pull it down from my bookcase to peruse through it when preparing for a lecture or workshop on women and divination practice.  She has captured, as a soulful storyteller, the true nature of... read more

21.12.2015 | views: 801x | type: Inspiration | topic: Dreams | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Dreaming About the Dead

Energy and vibrational frequency are concepts that are becoming better understood even in the field of physics (quantum physics). Most mediums (people who are able to contact those who have passed on to spirit) acknowledge that they must alter their vibrational frequency to communicate with spirit. Spirit is emits a completely different vibration than material so (according to mystics) if we... read more

30.11.2015 | views: 633x | type: Inspiration | topic: Tarot | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Utilizing the Tarot for Meditation Practice

Serves to Develop Your Intuition The themes, images and symbols of the Tarot serve beautifully as a meditation tool. The Tarot may act as a guide to discovering more about your inner self. Visualized meditations tap into the unconscious mind and create spontaneous mental images. The response that we have to these images can be revealing and may bring to light hidden aspects of our... read more

1.9.2015 | views: 729x | type: Inspiration | topic: Psychology | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Synchronicity in September

Seize the Fall Equinox! I love September!  It’s the month when I feel that indescribable yet persistent itch to start something new.  I’m filled with relief, anticipation, sadness, nostalgia, preparedness and intention.  This month will mark our second anniversary returning home to Victoria.  How fast that has slipped by! It’s been glorious in every way but makes for a hard act to follow as I... read more

2.6.2015 | views: 801x | type: Inspiration | topic: Esoterics | author: Rev. Priestess Calister

June Spirit Scope Card Is Lust

The Lust card speaks of excess. Doing too much, wanting too much, giving too much. When lust rules the senses you are never satisfied and if so, only for a little while before your bored and begin looking for your next stimulant or the person that will bring you that thrill, that feeling of being fulfilled. Well the truth of the matter is, you will never find the ultimate person, the ultimate... read more

23.4.2015 | views: 778x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Lilac

Many kinds of Mystics, but we are all connected

I am inspired by the mystics, by nature...by children and their innocence....by love.  Inspiration is the lifewater we go back to when life gets hard.  Lately I find myself remembering why I started this journey I am on.  I found my purpose.  I found it, then lost sight of it.  I was lured in by the glittering pretty things I saw from the alleged "view from the top".  But for those of us who... read more