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1.11.2016 | views: 666x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

A Soulful Life

We don't speak much about "soul" in our culture but we know what it is when we FEEL it.  We ignore it's promptings at our peril - to read more about how to live with soul click on the link. read more

22.9.2016 | views: 566x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Our Forgotten Grandmother of Wisdom

This article is about Cora Richmond - a gifted Trance Medium who led the way for Spiritualism in the 20th Century.  To read this full article press the link! read more

5.8.2015 | views: 634x | type: History | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Pondering Spiritualism & Women’s Emancipation in August

Spiritualism has inaugurated the era of woman, Mary Davis proclaimed. She recalled the common birth date of the new religion and women's rights in 1848. Spiritualist conventions called for the Emancipation of women from all legal and social disabilities. Consistently those who assumed the most radical positions on woman's rights became Spiritualists. Spiritualists Advocated for Women's... read more

2.6.2015 | views: 782x | type: How to... | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Spirit Communicates Through Symbols

The Emperor Card in the Tarot June is the month of the father, with Father’s Day falling on June 21st. In the Tarot, the father is symbolized in the Emperor card. He symbolizes the laws of the land, fair leadership, social propriety, and making our “word as good as gold”. Saying what we mean and doing what we say. That’s the directive of the Emperor/father Tarot card He teaches us to take... read more

23.4.2015 | views: 778x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Lilac

Many kinds of Mystics, but we are all connected

I am inspired by the mystics, by nature...by children and their innocence....by love.  Inspiration is the lifewater we go back to when life gets hard.  Lately I find myself remembering why I started this journey I am on.  I found my purpose.  I found it, then lost sight of it.  I was lured in by the glittering pretty things I saw from the alleged "view from the top".  But for those of us who... read more

3.4.2015 | views: 830x | type: How to... | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Lifting a Curse

Getting Her Name Wrong Recently I was doing a psychic reading for a client overseas. It was her second consultation and involved the same issue that was remaining stubbornly unresolved for her. The oddest thing for me was that I kept calling her “Terri” instead of her real name “Andi” despite a number of corrections. I almost never forget a person’s name. I’m blessed with a good memory in... read more

4.11.2014 | views: 775x | type: Story | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Repeating Numbers on the Clock

Why 1:11 PM? Decades ago my mother commented that every time she looked at the clock, it was displaying the same three numbers. Of course this wouldn't be noticed before the advent of the digital clock.  She described an uncanny jolt that would shock through her mind at each sighting... read more

13.7.2014 | views: 872x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Understanding Soul

When do we become aware of soul? My latest research has taken me into the realm of soul.  What is soul? What a task! But I won't be daunted.  All of us have a sense of what soul is and most likely it's rather different for everyone. I believe we can feel our soul in certain circumstances... read more

3.6.2014 | views: 919x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Spirit Guides

Hearing Voices Unfortunately and often, we associate the hearing of voices in our head as insanity.  It's so commonly accepted in fact that it's becoming a figure of speech, "Oh hearing voices are we?  Well we know what that means! The white coats'll be coming to get you soon!"  Connecting with our spirit guides in the spirit world however, puts this assumption on its head.  It's certainly... read more

2.2.2014 | views: 1049x | type: Your Comments / Views | topic: Mysticism | author: Natasha Soliar

Rock Star adrenalin confirms the love affair continues

I had a new client on Wednesday night, as usual we've never met {my work only via phone or skype} but I left the session on such an amazing  high,  feeling so connected to her , I emailed my best esoteric friend,  to tell him how much I LOVED doing readings. It was as though after almost 20 years I'd allowed myself to forget how much I get out of the sessions myself. I'd liken it to, what I'd... read more