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Past Life Regression. Excerpt from the book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" by Guzalia S. Davis

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Excerpt from my book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" (Copyrighted material) (Available on Amazon and Kindle)

" One theory about reincarnation holds that there is no such thing as a chance meeting. Every significant relationship has a deeper purpose for your soul’s continuing education.

The theory of soul-mates reveals that our souls travel through time in groups. A soul-mate is not always a member of opposite sex or a lover. It could be a friend, co-worker or family member.  Members of the same soul group choose to reincarnate together to support each other through their journeys.

When a student goes to a school, he is expected to graduate from one class and move into the next one to continue his education. Life is no different. The life itself is a school. We come to learn some important life lessons. We learn in contrast. If you’ve decided to incarnate this time to learn kindness and love. You will have to know pain and hatred first. We wouldn’t know what white is without comparing to black. How would you know what warm is without knowing what is cold? Every person that walks into our life is a teacher. As surprising it may sound, your worst enemies, the people that caused you the most pain, are your best teachers. There is a chance that you have made an agreement with these people before reincarnating.

Think of all the people with whom you have or had an especially strong positive or negative relationship. Now, imagine that you have had a different relationship with these people in a past-life. If your spouse sometimes feels and act like your child, it is possible that he or she, in fact, was your child in a previous lifetime. So, think about it: who would be uncovering your past-life memories would help understand these relationships better and improve them! We tend to return to the same family. The roles may change every time though. One of my clients cringed after hypnosis session; “Whew, my husband used to be my son…” Another client teared up. “We were always like this!” – she exclaimed showing her index and middle finger crossed. She had flashes of times when she and her mother were sisters, and another time she was a mother to her now-mom.

I’d like to you to recall now how you’ve met your true love. It was different from meeting any other object of desire. From the very first sight you just knew, this is The One! And just after a few minutes of interaction, you got this feeling “I know you”. And when you look into his or hers eyes, they are so familiar, it feels like you are looking into your own reflection. The first kiss felt like “coming home” after a very long travel. The first hug felt like been finally found after been lost for so very long. And all of the sudden, you got flooded and so overwhelmed by rousing feelings of joy, love, happiness, and, at the same time, fear and pain of loss. And then you knew, this is not your first meeting. You have been together before. You have traveled through space and time, from one lifetime to another, parting your ways and finding each other again. True love never ends."