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We all like to have our home clean and neat but rarely think about energetic "cleanliness." If your home often acts as a stage for arguments and fights, gives you a feeling of unease, if your loved ones and friends don't seem to want to visit you or stay for long at your house, it may be a good idea to cleanse your home.  Your home will instantly feel fresh, light, and harmonized.

If you have some unexplained activities such as floor creaking, lights flickering, cold breeze, things get lost, a feeling that you're not alone - it may be an indicator of having earthbound spirits or other entities living in your home. It may sound intriguing, but there is a danger of having such uninvited guests. They may be draining you and your family of energy - your life source. Sleep difficulties, feeling tired, even being sick could be the result of it. Especially vulnerable single women, teenage girls, small children, people with weak nervous system and addicts.

Same goes for your workplace. If employees can't seem to get along or clients rush to leave your business, it may indicate the presence of negative energies and entities.

Smudging with sage is very effective in getting rid of lower energies. If you’ve being sick, depressed, if arguments and fights took place in your home, negative vibrations may linger for a long time. Salt can help you to clear them away. Salt is the strongest neutralizer. Simply sprinkle it all over your home, furniture, and floor. You can sweep and vacuum a couple of hours later or, even better, the next day.

For heavy duty energetic clearing, you will need an old metal pot or skillet, a pound of salt, and a cup of rubbing alcohol. This method is strong enough to chase away entities from the lower astral plane that may visit you uninvited or even occupy your home for a long time. Pour salt and alcohol into your metal dish. Place it in the middle of your room on the safe fire protectant. Burn the salt. The flame will open an energetic portal, and the salt will neutralize all the negative energies. While the salt is burning, smudge with sage your space. You can walk in perimeter counterclockwise around your entire space with sage. Have a clear intent to cleanse your home from everything that doesn’t belong there, all negativity, and unwanted “visitors.” Vocalize your intent. You can make up a chant or just say at loud: “Clearing away all that doesn’t belong here. Clearing away all negativity…” Follow your intuition. Don’t afraid to get loud and use some stronger words to get your message across.

Make sure to open your cabinets and closets. Those entities like to occupy dark places. They like to lurk in piles of staff that are not usually disturbed.

Once the salt is completely burnt out, you want to close and protect your space. Smudge again, only clockwise this time. Imagine that you are building protective walls around your home, and these walls will repel all negativity. 

If you don’t have sage, use any incense you have. You can also burn dry bay leaves or rosemary from your pantry.

 For a quick cleanse, you can just light a candle and burn some incense. You can lightly sprinkle some salt water over yourself and in the air around you. I carry with me a small spray bottle filled with salt water mixed with a few drops of essential oils. Rosemary, mint, and eucalyptus are antibacterial and great for protection. Lavender, rose, and patchouli is great for drawing positive energies. All citrus oils are uplifting and energizing.