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Tarot reading


28.10.2017 | views: 906x | type: Review | topic: Tarot | author: Karmaconceptz

Tarot Reading Procedures for Online Tarot Reading & In Clinic

Tarot reading is an art of foreseeing your future and apprehending your present life circumstances with the help of cards that pictographically convey a message. It helps you discover the truth your subconscious mind is aware of and helps you use your positive energy in a productive manner. However, this concept cannot be termed as “magical” in any context. It sure holds a mystical theory but... read more

18.5.2017 | views: 799x | type: Review | topic: Events | author: Age of Tarot and Metaphysical Services - Largest Service In London

If you are doing a multiple card Reading - should you make sure ALL the cards are in the deck?

Hi there, I have been wondering lately, if I am doing a multiple card Reading - should I have all the cards in the deck each time I pull a card. So, say I pull the Devil for the first card, do I leave it out? Should I make note of it and put it back int he deck.  I am starting to think that cards may have more than place in one Reading? What do you think? read more

1.2.2017 | views: 942x | type: Report / Information | topic: Alternative medicine | author: Heavenly Tarot

Past Life Regression. Excerpt from the book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" by Guzalia S. Davis

Excerpt from my book "Practical Manual to Past Life Exploration" (Copyrighted material) (Available on Amazon and Kindle) " One theory about reincarnation holds that there is no such thing as a chance meeting. Every significant relationship has a deeper purpose for your soul’s continuing education. The theory of soul-mates reveals that our souls travel through time in groups. A soul-mate is... read more

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ENERGETIC SPACE CLEANSING: We all like to have our home clean and neat but rarely think about energetic "cleanliness." If your home often acts as a stage for arguments and fights, gives you a feeling of unease, if your loved ones and friends don't seem to want to visit you or stay for long at your house, it may be a good idea to cleanse your home.  Your home will instantly feel fresh, light,... read more

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Aura Cleansing

AURA CLEANSING: If you had a hard day, arguments, or just not feeling down, a salt bath will do miracles for you. Salt is the best neutralizer. It helps to clear out negative energies, your own or other's, that may have stuck in your aura. You can charge the water with positive intent for extra oomph. Chant something like: "My sister Water, you have the powers to cleanse everything, cleanse me... read more

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Detox Bath

DETOX BATH: All of my weight loss clients must take this bath for 7 - 10 nights in the row during the detox program. It draws out toxins, relaxes, alkalizes. Side effect: you will sleep like a baby. Recipe: 1 cup of each: Epsom Salt; Sea Salt or table salt with iodine; baking soda. You can add a few drops of essential oils: rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile.... 20 - 30 minutes. Make... read more

6.12.2016 | views: 636x | type: Debate / Interview | topic: Mysteries | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Fate: The Good and the Bad

What do we mean when we say something was fated?  How do we feel about fate?  To read more about Fate click the read more link! read more

3.12.2016 | views: 705x | type: Review | topic: Tarot | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Mary El Tarot Review

Follow the link to read my review of the Mary El Tarot.  An original and beautiful artistic deck with an easy to read and rich accompanying book. read more

19.11.2016 | views: 669x | type: Review | topic: Tarot | author: Tarot by Kathleen

Ghosts & Spirits Tarot

Review of Ghosts & Spirits Tarot - follow link to read full review. read more

1.11.2016 | views: 637x | type: Inspiration | topic: Mysticism | author: Tarot by Kathleen

A Soulful Life

We don't speak much about "soul" in our culture but we know what it is when we FEEL it.  We ignore it's promptings at our peril - to read more about how to live with soul click on the link. read more